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We Provide The Best Quality Service In Western Canada

Precise Fire Investigation Limited acknowledges the complexity of the fire investigation industry service. Consequently, it is committed to assigning fire investigation requests to the most suitable qualified and available investigator. Additionally, Precise Fire Investigation Limited is committed to a mentoring program that ensures a consistent quality for each fire investigation request.

Precise Fire Investigation takes the team approach and it is not uncommon to have two or more fire investigators working a file.


Each cost associated over and above routine fire investigation services is approved by the adjuster prior to proceeding. For example, expert analysis of evidence can be quite costly. Hence we seek written approval before proceeding.

All fees are based on industry standards with competitive advantage gained through the experience of Precise Fire Investigators.

Precise Fire Investigation Limited recommends external training and expects investigators to complete at least one continuing education course each year to remain current. Additionally each fire investigator has a reference copy of NFPA 921 and 1033.

Precise Fire Investigation Limited is also represented on the International Association of Arson Investigators Training Committee.

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