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Precise Fire Investigations has a demonstrated commitment to continuing education.  All fire investigators on the team are certified at various levels and take courses every year to ensure that investigation skills are current. No less than 200 hours were dedicated to training and professional development in the last year.

Of particular note two investigators from the Precise Team, Alan Weicker and Ross Shier, attended and completed the requirements to obtain the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI) and the Certified Fire and Explosive Investigator (CFEI) in October of 2013.

Prior to attending this course the Precise Team investigated many vehicle and heavy equipment fires.  Precise Fire Investigations makes the commitment to stay currant and obtain certifications in the industry, which help us to increase our knowledge when investigating all types of fires.

In 2013, approximately 25 percent of Precise Fire Investigations work was related to vehicle and heavy equipment fire investigations.  Since the certification of two Precise Fire Investigators in vehicle fire expertise the percentage of vehicle and heavy investigations has increased.  In addition to vehicle fire Investigations in the past four months The Precise Team has investigated heavy duty machinery such as Skidders, Graders, Tractors, Combines, Semi tractors units, Backhoes, etc.

Ross Shier - Founder

Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI), Level II Safety Codes, Officer and CEO of Precise Fire Investigations Ltd.

As a CFEI (Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator), CVFI (Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator )
through NAFI (National Association of Fire Investigators) and a member of the training committee for the IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators), Ross Shier is involved with  organizing and assisting in the development of a certified Vehicle Fire Training course for fire, law enforcement, Private investigation agencies throughout the IAAI.

Ross Shier has investigated all types of fires since 1989, ranging from vehicle fires to multiple
fatalities and explosions. Ross Shier’s career span 30 years with Edmonton Fire Rescue service
(EFRS) and while employed with (EFRS) worked in fire investigations starting in 1989 and obtained a full time position in 1992. From January 2006 until retirement in October 2009 Shier held the rank of Chief of Fire Investigations for the (EFRS).

Ross Shier and all PFI Investigators continue to take courses throughout North America to remain current and competent in the field of fire investigations.


Al Weicker- Fire Investigator

CFEI, CVFI, Safety Codes Officer Level II, Fire Investigator

Alan Weicker started in the fire service in 1980 with the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (EFRS).  After retiring in 2013 he has continued in the fire service as the Senior Consultant with Precise Fire Investigations Ltd. (PFI).  Alan started honing his fire investigation skills in 1992 in the Fire Investigation Branch.  In 2007 Mr. Weicker transferred to the Training Branch, but continued investigating fires privately for PFI.  Mr. Weicker also investigates fires in the Public Sector at the behest of the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

With continuing education and experience, Investigator Weicker has numerous professional designations including 1041 Fire Instructor, HazMat Technician III, Safety Codes Officer II – Fire Investigations, Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator – both from NAFI.  Mr. Weicker also holds the designation from Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre as FI-210 Wildfire Investigator, which is a designation not held by many private fire investigators.

Since retiring from the EFRS as Lead Training Officer (Qualified), PFI Senior Consultant. Weicker takes at least 40 hours of continuing education annually in the discipline of advanced fire investigations.  Alan, as an instructor, facilitates/presents instruction in fire investigations and vehicle fire investigations.  He is available upon request, to speak on fire investigations, including, vehicle fires, kitchen fires, mechanical failure related fires, interview/ witness statement analysis, etc.

Rod Lewis - Fire Investigator

IAAI-FIT, Safety Officer Level II Fire Investigator

Mike Shykora - Fire Investigator

Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), Certified Fire Investigation Instructor (CFII), Certified Fire Investigation Technician, Group “B” Level II Safety Codes Officer


As a CFEI (certified fire and explosion investigator), CFII (certified fire investigation instructor) through NAFI (National Association of Fire Investigators) and CFIT (certified fire investigation technician) through IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators), Mike Shykora has lectured to numerous fire and law enforcement agencies throughout Alberta and also a Field Officer with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency in the Northwest Region based in Peace River.

Mike Shykora has achieved certification from IFSAC and Pro Board for NFPA 1001, 1002, 1006, 1031, 1033, 1035, 1041, 1051, 472 Technician and 1521.

Mike Shykora has investigated over 500 fires ranging from vehicle fires to multiple fatalities and explosions. Mike Shykora has worked closely with the Forensic Identification Section (FIS) in Peace River for all serious fire investigations.

Mike Shykora continues to take courses throughout North America to remain current and competent in the field of fire suppression and investigations. Most recently Mike Shykora was vetted as an instructor for the IAAI and ISFSI 1403 Program.

Randy Shakura - Fire Investigator

IAAI-FIT & Level I Safety Codes Officer – Fire and Explosion Investigator

Precise Fire Investigations Ltd. Consulting Fire Investigator Randy SHAKURA entered the fire service July 28, 1980 with the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.


He obtained most of his experience in the Fire Suppression Branch, which was supplemented with key roles in the Communications, Fire Investigations and Training Branches. Mr. SHAKURA began investigating the origin, cause and circumstance(s) of fire losses in 1996 and is certified under the Alberta Safety Codes Act as a Level I Safety Codes Officer.


He is a long-term member of the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta and International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) with certifications as an Evidence Collection Technician (ECT) and Fire Investigation Technician (FIT).

Kevin Bureau - Fire Investigator

BUREAU entered the emergency services in April 1997 as a Firefighter and later became an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Mr. BUREAU retired from the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services where he held branch positions in the Fire Suppression and Fire Investigations before retiring as Senior Captain Investigator (Chief Officer Qualified).


He is a Level II Safety Codes Officer – Fire Investigator II under the Alberta Safety Codes Act, which is the highest certification. He also holds certification from the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI). These certifications are the Fire Investigation Technician, IAAI-FIT. As well as the Evidence Collection Technician, IAAI-ECT. Mr. BUREAU also is a certified Accelerant Detection Canine handler along with his certified Canine “RIOT”. This certification is granted through Canine Accelerant Detection Association (CADA).


Kevin Besler - Photographer & Remote Sensing Specialist

Precise Fire Investigations Ltd. has formed an alliance with Kevin BESLER and Visual Modeling Analysis Inc. for their unique remote sensing expertise. After graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 2005, Mr. BESLER began his career in remote sensing technology. He currently holds the professional designation of Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) with The Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET).

Mr. BESLER specializes in the collection, processing and application of remote sensed data. He has completed a plethora of projects throughout North America for many industries including civil, environment, hydro, mining and exploration, as well as major projects for Canadian Defense Construction Contractors (DCC) and the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND).

In 2019, Mr. BESLER diversified in the investigation field by applying his unique skill set and experience in creating Three-Dimensional Digital Twin models of emergency scenes. The “Digital Twin,” when completed at the outset of the investigation, documents the entire unprocessed scene that is viewed in an unadulterated virtual reality environment. Combining his remote sensing expertise with his interests, he augments the Digital Twin technology with Drone Videography. This birds eye view is especially helpful during investigations for pattern analysis. Either one or both of these methodologies can be applied to most emergency scenes.

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